bertha tunnel borer

bertha tunnel borer

  • The World's Largest Tunnel-Boring Machine Must Be Saved

    The World's Largest Tunnel-Boring Machine Must Be Saved. Bertha has stalled deep beneath Seattle, leaving the city's planned waterfront renaissance hanging in the balance.

  • Underneath Seattle: Steering Bertha

    11/3/2016 · There’s no GPS underground, so how will Bertha, the SR 99 tunneling machine, hit a precise target nearly two miles from her launch point at the south end of downtown Seattle? One of the tunnel ...

  • | Seattle's tunnel machine Bertha breaks through

    It's official - Bertha has broken through! Seattle's tunnel boring machine that's been digging beneath the city for the State Route 99 tunnel reached the end of its 1.75-mile journey Tuesday, nearly four years after it embarked on the job. Just before 10

  • big bertha tunnel borer

    Bertha (tunnel boring machine) - Wikipedia. Bertha was designed and manufactured by Hitachi Zosen Sakai Works of Osaka, Japan, and is the world's largest …

  • Alaskan Way Viaduct - Tunneling

    The tunneling machine known as Bertha began tunneling beneath Seattle in July 2013 (photo at right: ... + Bertha's tunnel route

  • Seattle’s Giant Borer Breaks Through : PaintSquare News

    Bertha, with a diameter of 57 feet, was designed specifically for the ground conditions under Seattle, according to the Washington State Department of Transportation. As the borer moved, it pulled pieces of precast concrete into place behind it, creating

  • Tunnel boring machine

    A tunnel boring machine (TBM), also known as a "mole", is a machine used to excavate tunnels with a circular cross section through a variety of soil and rock strata.They may also be used for microtunneling.

  • Bertha’s builders: Tunnel borer started out ‘perfect’ | The

    For the first time, Hitachi Zosen executives discuss their view that Bertha was a “perfect” product and their commitment to finish the Highway 99 tunnel.

  • Bertha | The Seattle Times

    Read more about the technical challenges and rising costs of the Highway 99 tunnel project, and the successes and travails of Bertha, the biggest-ever boring machine.

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  • Seattle tunnel, among world's biggest, takes step toward

    Apr 03, 2017 · Bertha, one of the world’s largest tunnel boring machines, emerged north of downtown Seattle on Tuesday.

  • Bertha breaks through: Watch the tunnel boring machine’s

    The disassembly pit, pictured in March 2017, awaits Bertha, the tunnel boring machine digging the SR 99 tunnel. WSDOT/Flickr 1:30 p.m.: The cutterhead has stopped spinning, and Bertha’s work is ...

  • Bertha Tunnel Borer - Image Results

    More Bertha Tunnel Borer images

  • Seattle's mysterious object stops giant tunnel-borer

    Such a bore: Bertha, the giant tunnel-borer, before digging began in Seattle. Credit: New York Times “What we’re focusing on now is creating conditions that will allow us to enter the chamber ...

  • World's biggest tunnel machine Bertha emerges from beneath

    Bertha, the world's largest tunnel-boring machine, ends its journey today. It has spent four years traveling less than two miles to build a new car tunnel underneath Seattle.

  • Under Seattle, a Big Object Blocks Bertha. What Is It? - The

    In October, workers walked through the first rings of the highway tunnel being built under Seattle’s waterfront toward the boring machine called Bertha.

  • Big Bertha Is Digging Seattle's Massive Underground Freeway

    Big Bertha Is Digging Seattle's Massive Underground Freeway. Andrew Tarantola. 7/05/13 4:30pm. ... To do so, Seattle's using "Big Bertha:" the biggest Tunnel Boring Machine on Earth.

  • Seattle's Giant Drill, 'Bertha,' Is Stuck - Newser

    12/12/2013 · Huge tunnel borer hits a big and unknown snag . ... Seattle's Giant Drill, 'Bertha,' Is Stuck ... The five-story tunnel drill, Bertha, slowed to a crawl Saturday about 1,000 feet, or one-eighth of ...

  • Bertha, The Giant Borer That Broke, May Be Sinking Seattle

    12/10/2014 · Bertha, The Giant Borer That Broke, May Be Sinking Seattle's Downtown The machine, the biggest of its type, was digging a tunnel under the city when it went kaput. To get to and fix Bertha ...

  • Bertha, Seattle's SR 99 Tunneling Machine, Is Finally

    Apr 04, 2017 · Bertha has broken through. After nearly four years underground, Seattle’s beleaguered boring behemoth clawed its way into daylight yesterday, leaving a …

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